All bookings require an upfront 50% deposit of the total amount of the event to secure the date for you. This 50% deposit is non-refundable and can be paid by cash, bank transfer . The full amount of the event needs to be paid on the day we come and set up.
Minimum Cute tents slumber party booking cost is AED700
2 tents minimum.
All prices are subject to change, however prices quoted at time of booking will always be honoured.
The prices all include VAT.


If bookings are cancelled within 7 days of your sleepover date your deposit will be non-refundable.
If you require to change the date of your event, a minimum of 7 days’ notice must be given and the date amendment is subject to availability.


Delivery, assembly, styling, collection and general laundering are included in the event costs unless stated otherwise.
Package prices include set up and removal of all SoCute items. Timings are to be agreed with Count to Tent 7 days prior to the event. Any changes to the timings within 7 days of the event are subject to availability. A late fee may occur if the client fails to be present at the agreed times. If any additional guests need to be added to the event and additional equipment is required from SoCute we require a minimum of 3 weeks prior notice to the event date.


The check list with the event items and any additional items picked by the client will be provided to the client before we leave the initial set-up. It is the client’s responsibility to return all the items that are in the check list back in perfect condition the following day (unless agreed otherwise). Clients will be responsible for the cost of replacing or cleaning SoCute equipment/items which have been caused by mistreatment while at the client’s premises/venue. This includes breakages, cigarette smoke/fumes, pet hairs, stains etc. of the following items: Tent timber frames, fabric of tents, storage trays, cushions and all accessories.
It is the responsibility of the client to take duty of care and always supervise children with SoCure equipment. Diligence must be taken with younger children on the client’s premises as SoCute equipment is not recommended for children under 3 years of age and parental guidance is highly recommended for all events of all ages.
SoCute events assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused during your event, unless it is proved that such injury was caused by faulty material, workmanship or negligence on the part of the Business. SoCute decision is final in all matters relating to these Terms & Conditions of Hire.
Setting up and packing up is the responsibility of the SoCute team. Please allow us to set up and pack up, for your safety and reducing any risk of damage.

Pets, Food and Beverages

Pets, food and drinks are totally prohibited in the tents room or venue space area. Any food or stains caused by pets, food or beverages inside or outside of the tents or any of our items will result on a penalty of a cleaning fee of AED 200 per tent. Any additional food or beverage items which are arranged by SoCute must be consumed away from the event area.


SoCute is not responsible for allergic reactions and/or any medical reactions from wearing costumes, make up/nails products, facial mask or any activity taking place before, during or after the party. It is the customers responsibility to investigate the allergies of guests attending the event.

Client Obligations

Please provide enough space for the tents and setups and accessories we will be providing. Provide a clean space for us to set up , tents and accessories, making sure the floor is swept and clean prior to SoCute’s arrival for set-up. Provide safe, clean areas for other activities which have been arranged or purchased through Count to Tent. The client agrees to ask their guests to take their shoes off to enter the event/venue area.  Under no circumstances shall any shoes be allowed in the event/venue area.


Before you book your event, please make sure you have enough space and a clean and safe area for kids to stay. Our required area for each tent is: Height 130cm, length 170cm and width 90cm. The mattress size is 160cmx70cm. We can arrange the tents in many ways however it is the client’s responsibility to measure the room to make sure the tents will fit and that the room is big enough to accommodate the tents and guests. If a site visit is preferred before the event, then communication to the SoCute team to arrange a date/time is required, subject to availability.

Outdoor Parties

Agreement with SoCute must be met before any outdoor event is to take place. If the weather is suitable conditions, you may take the party outdoors to a clean, non-grassy, non-dirty area such as a patio, deck or artificial grass. The client/guests will not be permitted to go into grassy or dirt areas while in attire and accessories provided by SoCute . Please be aware, SoCute will not be responsible for applying or providing sunscreen or insect repellent to children. As outdoor events are open to the elements, additional cleaning charges may apply. In addition, please have an indoor back-up location available to accommodate all guests in case of inclement weather conditions. Count to Tent reserves the right to refuse the venue/area if deemed unsuitable at any time before/during the event.

Set Up and Duration

SoCute normally parties set up and tents between 10:00 and 17:00 and collection the following day of the event will be before 12:00. Set up will take approximately 2 hours to set up and approximately 1 hour to remove. The following day we will pack away and remove all items at your convenience.
SoCite will give you a call before we come to set up the event. Please make sure there is a suitable parent/guardian at home. SoCute request that there is no guests or children in the event area/venue as this can delay the set-up process.


SoCute reserves the right to use photographs taken at your event in any and all promotional media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by SoCute event, in perpetuity, and for other use by SoCute.